How to update the theme? Just install the new version as regular theme (without demo installation). Feel free to ask for support if it’s not clear!

How to fix Elementor stuck on the loading screen​ We can't support third-party plugins but you can follow the official help guide of Elementor for this case: https://elementor.com/help/elementor-not-loading/

Does the theme support custom fonts? Can I use my own font? Yes, you can choose any in Elementor Global settings to set globally or change only on a specific demo.

If the demo looks broken This is the known problem with cache, so to fix it follow this:  1. Go to Essential Addons => Tools, click on Regenerate Assets button 2. Go to Elementor => Tools, click on Regenerate Files & Data button 3. ...

Is your theme compatible with ShopEngine? The theme is based on Elementor, and it fully supports WooCommerce, so yes, the theme should support extensions like ShopEngine also.